Jock's Choice

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Tony Barr
Summary: Good snuff
July 28th, 2013
I am able to comment on this snuff thanks to a fellow snuffer who kindly sent me a sample. It is otherwise hard to obtain unless you live in London. This is a real pity as it is really rather a good snuff and deserves to reach a wider audience.

Both grind and moisture are medium and in colour it is a rich mid-brown. The flavouring is what really makes this snuff stand out. Bergamot and neroli oil predominate, making a delightful combination. On account of the flavouring it has affinities with many SPs and also with Fribourg & Treyer's Seville. Overall Jock's Choice works well both as an occasional indulgence and also as an all day snuff. Try it if you can!
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